Abbreviations of corpora and publications

One of the peculiarities of the epigraphic profession is the use of arcane abbreviations and acronyms for the various publications.  You can find a number of commonly uses systems below. 

AIEGL, the International Association for Greek and Latin Epigraphy issued in 2020 a new comprehensive list of abbreviations that will be used in both SEG and BE. This is now expected to become the new standard:

Previous lists may be found at the folloing places: 

SEG  has a  list  at the beginnings of each volume, and on their on-line edition. For access via the University of Groningen library click here. A list may also be found here

The Guide de l'Épigraphiste has a list of abbreviations, available also as a downloadable PDF.

Claros/DGE has an extensive list on-line.

Epigraphische Datenbank Manfred Clauss has a list that includes Latin inscriptions.

Authoritative lists of abbrevations for general Classics or Archaeology journals can be found  e.g. in L'Année Philologique, (for a PDF click here) the American Journal of Archaeology or the DAI Archäologische Bibliographie

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