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Handbooks & Introductions to Greek Epigraphy:

First stop (for Dutch readers:) LAMPAS 54.1 (2021) A special issue of the periodical Lampas dedicated to Greek epigraphy,

In alphabetical order. NB I have added links to on-line editions or Worldcat entries where available.

·      COOK B.F. 1987. Greek Inscriptions. London: British Museum Publications. [A brief introduction on the basis of inscriptions in the British Museum]

·      GUARDUCCI, M. 1967-1978 (reprint: 1995). Epigrafia greca. Rome [a massive 4 volume introduction, organised thematically, with introduction and discussion of individual inscriptions]

o   1.Caratteri e storia della disciplina. La scrittura greca dalle origini all'età imperiale. 1967. 580 p.; index.

o   2. Epigrafi di carattere pubblico. 1969. 768 p.; index.

o   3. Epigrafi di carattere privato. 1974. 611 p.; index.

o   4. Epigrafi sacre pagane e cristiane. 1978. 601 p.; index.

·      GUARDUCCI, M. 1987. L'epigrafia greca dalle origini al tardo impero. Roma, X-561 p.; index [An abbreviated version of the above volumes]

·      HONDIUS, J.J.E. 1938. Saxa loquuntur. Leiden, VI-169 p. [in Dutch, general introduction and list of publications] (reprint: Chicago, 1976).

·      KLAFFENBACH, G. 1957 , 1966(2). Griechische Epigraphik. Göttingen, 107 p.; index (Studienhefte zur Altertumswissenschaft, 6). (Link hto 1957 edition)

·      LARFELD, W. 1902-1907. Handbuch der griechischen Epigraphik. Leipzig. [a massive technical manual] (an on-line version may be found here)

o   1.Einleitungs- und Hilfsdisziplinen. Die nicht-attischen Inschriften. 1907. VIII-604 p.; index.

o   2. Die attischen Inschriften. 1902. XIV-957 p.; index.

·      LARFELD, W. 1914(3). Griechische Epigraphik.  München, 536 p.; index (Handbuch der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft, I, 5). [abbreviated version of the above] (an on-line version may be found here)

·      McLean, Bradley H. 2002. An Introduction to Greek Epigraphy of the Hellenistic and Roman Periods from Alexander the Great Down to the Reign of Constantine (323 B.C.-A.D. 337).Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. [Recent technical manual for inscriptions of later periods; A detailed table of contents may be found here; an index may be found here)

·      PFOHL, G. et al.1977.  Das Studium der griechischen Epigraphik. Eine Einführung. Darmstadt. 164 P.; index (Die Altertumswissenschaft). [with contributions by  W. Peek, A.E. Raubitschek, A. Woodhead et al.]

·      REHM, A. 1969(2) «Die Inschriften », in:  Handbuch der Archäologie, I, München, p. 182-238. [or. Edition 1939; 2nd edition by G. Klaffenbach 1969, overview p. 331-393]

·      REINACH, S.1885.  Traité d'épigraphie grecque. Paris. XXXIII-560 p.; index. [Contents:  I Essai sur l’épigraphie grecque; II Traité des inscriptions et des formules 1Histoire de l’alphabet grec; 2: orthographie et grammaire des inscriptions; 3 des inscriptions en general; 4: Les actes publics; 5: Inscriptions diverses, titres privés; 6: notions complémentaires ; Addenda et corrigenda] (an on-line version may be found here)

·      REMY, B. and  F. KAYSER, 1999. Initiation a l'épigraphie grecque et latine. Paris. 192 p.; index. [brief general introduction, and selection of texts, also for Latin inscriptions]

·      ROBERT, L. 1961. «Épigraphie », in L'histoire et ses methodes Encyclopédie de la Pléiade, Paris, p. 453-497 [= OMS 5, 102  also on Latin epigraphy; Translated into German: Die Epigraphik der klassischen Welt. Bonn, 1970. 66 p., 8 pl .; no index]

.      SABA, S and G.RENBERG. Greek Epigraphy 2012-2019(Oxford bibliographies)

·      WOODHEAD, A.G. 1992(3) The Study of Greek Inscriptions. Cambridge. p. [XIV-] 150; index.

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