A useful initiative by Tom Elliott at ISAW. This is a list of “digital resources for the discovery, publication, study, and teaching of epigraphy". In its current state it is a shared group on the Zotero website and consists of an alphabetical bibliography that includesd titles of books and links.  

Digital Epigraphy WIKI

The  Digital Classicist is a hub for scholars and students interested in the application of humanities computing to research in the ancient and Byzantine worlds. The Digital Epigrapy WIKI  gives a number of useful links to epigraphic sites.

Current epigraphy:

Current Epigraphy reports news and events in Greek and Latin epigraphy, including  workshop and conference announcements; notices of discoveries, publications and reviews; project reports; and descriptive links to digital epigraphic projects

Epigraphie en réseau:

French language website on digital epigraphy (down since 2016)


The website of the International Association for Greek and Latin Epigraphy

Greek Epigraphical Society / Ελληνική Επιγραφική Εταιρεία

The Greek epigraphical Society is a non profit orgnization, based in  Athens dedicated to the study of Greek inscriptions. It publishes the journal HOROS and the on-line journal Grammateion in addition to their on-line newsletter DEE

 Les pierres qui parlent: initiation à l’épigraphie grecque par C. Tuan 

An on-line introduction to Greek epigraphy. Not so easy to navigate, but very rewarding, with interesting ”promenades épigraphiques” i.a. AmphiareionDelos, Delphi, the Louvre,  all with good photo’s of inscriptions you might see, and useful commentaries.

Prêtres civiques

This database of civic imperial priests from Asia was compiled by Gabrielle Frija. It is a useful catalogue of 460 priest in 80 cities. You can find the database here. See also her excellent studyFrija, G. (2012).  Les Prêtres des empereurs : Le culte impérial civique dans la province romaine d’Asie (Collection "Histoire". Série "Histoire ancienne"; Collection "Histoire" (Rennes, France), Série "Histoire ancienne."8510737). Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes.

From stone to screen

Thesaurus Defixionum (TheDefix)

TheDefix  (formerly known as Thesaurus Defixionum Magdeburgensis) offers an overview of more than 1700  curse inscriptions with text editions translations and various comments.  Searchable in  various ways  (including geographical  area and subject matter). 

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