Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik Publication and discussion of new epigraphical and papyrological texts. For the contents of the most recent volume see  here. An over view of authors and titles can be found here. Free downloads 1988-2000 are available via the site. All issues up to 2011 can be found on JSTOR

Epigraphica Anatolica: German periodical with publication and discussion of new inscriptrions from Asia Minor. Contents current issue; Authors and contents' list  1983-2013, articles for download (2002-2011).

Tyche: Austrian journal with articles on epigraphy and papyrology from the whole range of Greek and Roman Antiquity, as well as a criticl bibliography of Austran epigraphy. Contents pages of recent volumes are  on line, individual articles can be purchased here.

Horos:  the journal of the Greek Epigraphic Society in Athens.  It publishes new texts and studies on Greek inscriptions in Greece, as well as topographical studies. Contents pages can be found on-line.

Grammateion: is a new on-line journal of the Greek Epigraphic Society. It publishes new texts as well as articles on inscriptions, topography and history. New contributions are published throughout the year.

Gephyra: Gephyra - a Journal for the Ancient History and Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean - is a publication platform for articles from all fields of research into Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean. Contents pages of recent volumes with summaries can be found here. An epigraphic index to vols. 1-10 can be downloaded here.

Epigraphica: Rivista Italiana die Epigrafia specialises in Latin  and Greek epigraphy. Contents pages of all  volumes ar online.

Chiron: Contents pages of recent volumes on line.

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