L'année épigraphique

L’Année Epigraphique


The leading survey of publications of inscriptions (Latin and Greek) that are relevant to the study of the Roman Empire. L'Année épigraphique was set up by René Cagnat in 1888. It was included in the Revue archéologique until the issue dated 1964, then became an autonomous publication. 

It systematically collects all the inscriptions discovered or revised each year concerning the Roman world, mainly in Latin but Greek texts from the Roman period are often also included and mostly translated into French. For a user manual (in French) see here.

Each volume has extensive and systematic indices; see here for an overview of the headwords. The journal appears 3 years after the publication, and is referred to by the year it covers:  AE 2019  covering 2019 appeared in 2022.

L’Année Épigraphique is digitally available via JSTOR, with a moving wall of 6 years. The latest issue is 2016 which contains the harvest of 2013 (Staff & students from Groningen: log in here with p-or s-number).

The latest issues are available via CAIRN.info (subscription only).

On WIKImedia you will find a small selection of photographs of inscriptions discussed in AE per  year.

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