Corpora and collections of Greek inscriptions (general coverage)

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CIG - Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum.

The Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum was published between 1925-1877 by August Boeckh under the aegis of the Berlin Academy, and it was completed in four volumes with an index. Its aim was a coverage of the entire Greek world, but it was already out of date byrt the time the final volumes was published. It is still the only corpus that covers the entire Greek-speaking world. Find it in a worldcat library here. Online editions of the individual volumes may be found below: 

CIG I, [1-302] Pars I., Tituli antiquissima scripturae forma insigniores. Pars II., Inscriptiones Atticae 

CIG I[303-1792 + addenda and corrigenda] Pars II., Inscriptiones Atticae [303-1040]. Pars III., Inscriptiones Megaricae. Pars IV., Inscriptiones Peloponnesiacae. Pars V., Inscriptiones Boeoticae. Pars VI., Inscriptiones Phocicae, Locricae, Thessalicae 

CIG II, [1793-2877] Pars VII., inscriptiones Acarnaniae, Epiri, Illyrici. Pars VIII., Inscriptiones Corcyrae et Vicinarum Insularum. Pars IX., Tituli Aliquot locorum in Graecia incertorum. Pars X., Inscriptiones Macedoniae et Thraciae. Pars XI., Inscriptiones Sarmatiae cum Chersoneso Tauricae et Bosporo Cimmerio. Pars XII., Inscriptiones Insularum Aegaei Maris cum Rhodo, Creta, Cypro. Pars XIII., Inscriptiones Cariae [1793-2877]

CIG II[2878-3809, Addenda corrigenda] Pars XIII., Inscriptiones Cariae . Pars XIV., Inscriptiones Lydiae. Pars XV., Inscriptiones Mysiae. Pars XVI., Inscriptiones Bithyniae

CIG III[3810-5375Pars XVII., Inscriptiones Phrygiae. Pars XVIII., Inscriptiones Galatiae. Pars XIX., Inscriptiones Paphlagoniae. Pars XX., Inscriptiones Ponticae. Pars XXI., Inscriptiones Cappadociae. Pars XXII., Inscriptiones Lyciae. Pars XXIII., Inscriptiones Pamphyliae. Pars XXIV., Inscriptiones Pisidiae et Isauriae. Pars XXV., Inscriptiones Ciliciae. Pars XXVI., Inscriptiones Syriae. Pars XXVII., Inscriptiones Mesopotamiae et Assyriae. Pars XXVIII., Inscriptiones Mediae et Persidis. Pars XXIX., Inscriptiones Aegypti. Pars XXX., Inscriptiones Aethiopiae supra Aegyptum. Pars XXXI., Inscriptiones Cyrenaicae. Pars XXXII., Inscriptiones Siciliae cum Melita, Lipara, Sardinia

CIG III, [5376-6816, Addenda et corrigenda] Pars XXXII., Inscriptiones Sicilia cum Melita, Lipara, Sardinia . Pars XXXIII., Inscriptiones Italiae. Pars XXXIV., Inscriptiones Galliarum. Pars XXXV., Inscriptiones Hispaniae. Pars XXXVI., Inscriptiones Brittaniae. Pars XXXVII., Inscriptiones Germaniae. Pars XXXVIII., Inscriptiones Pannoniae, Daciae, Illyrici. 

CIG IV[6817-9926 Addenda, Indices-Pars XXXIX., Inscriptiones locorum incertorumPars XL, Inscriptiones christianae.

Michel, Recueil:

C. Michel. Receuil des inscriptions grecques. Bruxelles, 1900, contains a selection of more than  1400 Greek inscriptions with brief notes; organised under  public law (polutciacla instituions, administrative documents, public religion) and privarte law) an onlline edition may be found here

Dittenberger, Sylloge/Syll/SIG

Dittenberger, Wilhelm, and Friedrich Hiller von Gaertringen. 1915. Sylloge inscriptionum graecarum. Leipzig (3rd edition)  Dittenberger’s Sylloge is one of the most important selection of Greek inscriptions. 

Third edition

vol 1, not found on internet, limited search available via HATHITRUST

vol 2,

vol 3,

vol 4, not found on internet, limited search available via HATHITRUST

First edition (1883)

A copy of the first edition can be found on-line here.


W. Dittenberger Orientis Graeci Inscriptiones Selectae, Leipzig 1903, is a selection of Greek inscriptions from the Greek world of Asia and Egypt.

Volume 1:

Vol. 1 covers inscriptions dating to the reign of Alexander, and the Hellenistic Kingdoms.

Volume 2: 

Vol. 2 covers the  provinces of the Roman East and indices

Gawantka Concordance SYLL/ OGIS

Gawantka, Wilfried, Wilhelm Dittenberger, and Wilhelm Dittenberger. Aktualisierende Konkordanzen zu Dittenbergers Orientis Graeci inscriptiones selectae (OGIS) und zur dritten Auflage der von ihm begründeten Sylloge inscriptionum Graecarum (Syll. 3). Hildesheim: G. Olms, 1977. For an edition in a Worldcat library see here.


R. Cagnat, Inscriptiones Graecae Res Romanae Pertinentes

Volume 1

Volume 3

Volume 4

Hicks & Hill

Hicks, Edward Lee, and George Francis Hill. A Manual of Greek Historical Inscriptions. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1901. Find an online edition  here. Replaced by: Tod SHI.


Tod,Marcus N.  A selection of Greek historical inscriptions, 2 vols. Oxford, 1948. Find an edition in a worldcat library here. Vol 1 (To the end of the 5th century B.C.) has been replaced by ML, vol 2 (From 403 to 323 B.C.) has been replaced by Rhodes and Osborbe GHI.


Meiggs, Russell, and David M. LewisA Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions to the End of the Fifth Century B.C. Oxford: Clarendon, 1989 (2). Find an edition in a worldcat library here.

Rhodes and Osborne GHI 404-323

Rhodes, P. J., and Robin Osborne. Greek Historical Inscriptions, 404-323 BC. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. This is a highly useful volume to replace Tod vol 2 It has a selection of texts, with translations and brief comments

Find an edition in a worldcat library here. A concordance to IG, Syll, Tod and other editions can be found at the back of the volume, and here.

Osborne and Rhodes GHI 478-404

Osborne, Robin and P.J. Rhodes Greek Historical Inscriptions 478-404. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. Rhodes and Osborne have teamed up again to replace ML in two volumes. This volume covers the inscriptions from the 478-404. The numbers start at 100 to provide continuous numbering. It has a selection of texts, with translations and brief comments. A table of contents may be found here. A concordance to the standard edition can be found at the back of the volume and here.

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