Input: tools for epigraphists

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The keyboards mentioned above do not, on the whole, allow for the input from the keyboard of highly specialized epigraphical symbols. However, the GreekKeys package includes a separate system keyboard which does allow for the input of such symbols, LaserGreek also has a special keyboard Greek Epigraphy and many of the symbols  (specifically dots and numbers) are included in the ‘Ancient Greek’ keyboard for Mac created by this page’s author.

Still, at times it will be necessary to select an individual character or symbol, which cannot be produced using keystrokes, from the whole list of available symbols in a font. On Mac computers, this may be done by going to the ‘FontBook’ app (pre-installed on any Mac), selecting the desired font, and clicking ‘View’ > ‘Repertoire’: this will bring up the complete list of all the symbols in the font, of which individual ones may then be copied and pasted. An easier, but paid, way of doing this is to install a helpful software package called PopChar. On Windows computers, the ‘Symbol Browser’ (accessible from Word by going to ‘Insert Symbol’) offers the same functionality.

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